Eyebrows Shape And Beautiful Faces

By on November 24, 2011

 Eyebrows Shape And Beautiful Faces

You must be having a very beautiful smile and an attractive face. But that beautiful smile can be overshadowed by bushy eyebrows, isn’t it? Here are some tips on how to get rid of facial hair problems without a miss, yourself.

Eyebrow Shapes And Styles

Regarded by many pros as the “keystone of the face,” our eyebrows play a vital role in terms of balance and expression. If all we use is a pair of tweezers we rarely get them perfectly even.  The goal is not to rub out everything outside, but to respect the natural course of their line. This calls for some major control. The natural curve must pass the “breaks” in the right place. This is the part of the eyebrow that separates, where the ascending part of the eyebrow begins to taper off.

Another factor we must realize is that we are not all facing the same challenges with our eyebrows. There are hormonal and genetic influences.  This can mean that the “whickers” reach further with some than they do with others. Brunettes will have more difficulty keeping the eyebrows in place than will blondes. The difficulties may also change with age. Here are some tips to help if you do not have the time or resources for a beautician.

Down Instructions

Facial hair really does have a purpose. It is the protector of the face. However, it is not very glamorous when it is above our lips. Some feel that desperate times call for desperate measures, but this is not so. Banish the razor. If you begin to use a razor on facial hair it will actually grow thick and dark.


One of the most appropriate solutions to deal with a duvet is to bleach it. A bleaching kit can be purchased at a beauty supply store. The powder and bleaching cream can be mixed in a bowl which is also provided. After applying a thick layer with a spatula let it set for about seven minutes. Then carefully rinse it off. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands. Since this product contains an amount of ammonia, it is wise to test a small portion of skin 24 hours prior to make sure there is no possible allergic reaction.

Removing Facial Hair: Usage of Wax

This is the oldest method for removing facial hair. It is time tested and proven effective. It can be hot or cold. It can also be purchased in strips and warmed with the hands. Once separated from the protective film, it is applied on the area to be treated. It only takes a snap in the direction opposite from the direction of hair growth. Remember to hold the skin taut while waxing. To calm the skin after wards, it is advisable to apply lotion or soothing oil. This is also provided in most waxing kits.