Face Massage

By on August 7, 2011

Massage, if performed correctly, brings a fresh supply of blood to the skin’s surface, helps clear away impurities, feeds the tissues & tones up tired muscles. Aim to massage your skin once a week. You can use soap suds, moisturizer or a conditioning night cream. Massage for 5 minutes at a time. Always begin on the lower part of the face-working the cream or soap until it is soft & warm. Use 6 movements – all upward & outward – avoiding the area around the eyes.

FaceMassage Face Massage

Tips How to do Face Massage the Professional Way

1= Place left hand at the base of the throat & , with a firm circular movement, work up the right side of the neck towards the chin. Repeat, using the right hand up the left side of the neck.

2= With the backs of the hands slap briskly beneath the chin – one hand & then the other. Shake hands to prevent stiffness.

3= Place middle fingers of each hands on the point of the chin & make circular movements, working up round the mouth & in towards the nose. Smooth out lightly over the cheekbones.

4= Place middle fingers of one hand & then the other over cheek. Stroke briskly upwards using alternate hands. Repeat on the other side of your face.

5= Using both hands stroke up the centre of the nose between eyebrows & smooth out over brow towards the temples.

6= Then knuckle into the brow with rotary movements using alternate hands.