Falling Eyelashes

By on January 12, 2012

falling lashes Falling Eyelashes


It is very normal for your eye lashes, like the hair on top of your head, to shed. It re-grows anyway. But if you start to see your vacant spots on your lash line, then there is indeed a little cause for worry.

Avoid wiping harshly at the eyes when cleaning eye make-up. Gently wipe the eye area with a cotton pad or soft tissue. If you use a particular make-up remover, then perhaps you may reconsider trying other brands or other methods of make-up removal.

Do not overuse mascara and the eyelash curler. Dramatic lashes are one thing but bald ones are another.

If these don’t work, change your eye make-up brands. If this doesn’t work either, it’s time to go to the doctor. Losing your lashes may be a sign of a medical condition rather than your skin’s chemical reaction to make-up.