Fashion gone Wrong – Know About Harmful Fashion

By on December 28, 2011

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Girls nowadays are so fashion conscious that very often they forget about the pain caused by harmful fashion. They are so obsessed with their weight that very often we see them suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other severe eating disorders. Most of us are aware of the side effects of high heel shoes, large hand bags and heavy hoop earrings. High heel shoes causes spine injuries, ankle problems, big and heavy bags causes back problems and heavy hoop earrings pull our earlobes down and make them distended. This is just not acceptable!!! We need to be health conscious rather than being fashion conscious and avoid harmful fashion at any cost. Here are some fashion trends that need to be avoided at any cost.

Artificial or acrylic nails

To start of with we have artificial or acrylic nails. As the acrylic nails are glued to the real nails which makes the bond between the artificial nail and real nail stronger than the bond between the real nail and the nail bed. And it is often observed that acrylic nail rips the real nail from the nail bed creating a space where infection can occur. So this fashion is not so healthy and is known to cause yeast infections in nails. Although if the technicians use properly sterilized equipment then it cannot cause much damage but still the side effects needs to be taken into consideration.

Cheap Dyes

It is very commonly seen that cheap dyes causes blood infection. Moreover if you wear tights that are really very tight then you are in for a big trouble. Next time don’t panic if you see blood stains on your tights when you take them off because your cheaply dyed tights are responsible for it. Now if you find your tights or any of your dyed outfits causing you slightest of rashes or blister you need to throw them all out right away.

Dangerously Low Jeans

Low waist jeans are more commonly known as low rise jeans and are often the cause of various embarrassing moments. But that’s not all, wait till you hear this one, constant wearing of your dangerously low jeans often increases the risk for hernia and hydroceole which can only be cured by a surgery, yes you heard me right, so next time when you think of wearing one of your low rise jeans, think again and this time think hard. This is mainly due to the fact that regular use of tight low waist jeans often causes a false waistline to appear at the area where you wear your jeans and that makes your ‘love handles’ to pop out and you end up looking a little puffed with a weird posture and an odd walk. Women who have heavier mid section must avoid wearing it. Skinny jeans are again another disaster; it causes yeast infection in women and low fertility rate in men. It causes tingling and burning sensation along the thigh. Still want to wear them??  Think again and think hard!!!