Feet Care Tips

By on December 11, 2011

 Feet Care Tips

Beautiful feet are an add-on to the overall beauty and personality. However, it is difficult for many women to rush beauty parlour frequently to take beauty treatments for feet. But if some simple home remedies are followed, taking care of the beauty of your feet will be easier. Read on to find some quick remedies to take care of your feet.

Smita loves to keep her feet tidy, clean and follows a proper feet care regime. She is very much obsessed with the pedicure treatments given at beauty parlours. According to Smita, getting pedicure done at beauty parlours is like getting treated like a princess. It gives a very special feeling to Smita whenever she takes any beauty treatment from beauty parlours. However, due to financial hurdles, she cannot keep going to beauty parlours frequently. Therefore, she prefers to take care of your feet using simple home remedies.

Beautiful feet are an add-on to your overall beauty and personality. Therefore, a proper feet care is a must. You need not go every time to a beauty parlour to make your feet look beautiful. Following some simple home remedies will help you to make your feet look beautiful with an ease. Here are some tips which you can follow to take care of your feet.

Remedies for Taking Care of Your Feet

If you follow these tips, you need not spend money at beauty parlours on pedicure. Have a quick glance at these tips for taking care of your feet. Follow these steps given in the below mentioned remedies to undertake a proper feet care regime.

Remedy – I

1. Wash your feet properly each time when you come back home.

2. Massage your feet with lemon juice or curd or tomato pulp. It will help to cleanse your feet skin. It will also act as natural skin bleach on your feet.

3. Wash your feet with water after following the 2nd step.

This remedy is good for cleansing your foot skin.

Remedy – II

1. Take a tub filled with warm water and take a small stool on which you can sit.

2. Dip your legs in water and soak them for some time.

3. Take you feet out of the water and apply a good soap on your feet, ankles, heels and allover the top and bottom part of your feet.

4. Take you feet out of the water as they become completely wet and start massaging on the areas where you have applied soap. As you will start massaging, the formation of foam will take place. You can also use face scrub or shampoo instead of soap.

5. Take a pumice stone or a body brush and rub your feet with it. You can rub all parts of your feet including ankles and heels. Do not rub it forcefully. Rub you feet gently and as you carry on the dirt accumulated on your feet skin will get cleansed with an ease.

6. Put you feet in warm water again and soak it for some time so that dirt is removed completely. You can wash soap completely off from your feet skin.

This remedy will help to reduce the strain on your feet and also helps to reduce stress.

Remedy – III (to be followed after you wash your feet)

1. Pat you feet dry after washing.

2. Cut your nails properly or you can give a proper shape to your foot nails. This step should be followed after you wash your feet as nails become soft and moist after washing your feet. It is easier to cut soft nails. However, if you are using a nail filer for giving proper shape to your nails, you should wash your toes again to remove the small bits of nail stuck on your toes.

3. Take a tooth-pick and try to remove dirt which is completely stuck inside your nails. Try to remove the dirt gently so that you do not hurt your self.

4. Moisturizer your feet with a moisturizer or oil and massage properly.

You can follow this remedy once in week. You can take some time out during the weekends to take care of your feet. However, if the above mentioned products do not suite your skin, you should avoid using them. You should always use a clean pumice stone and body brush to rub your feet. After you finish your foot care regime, you can apply a good nail polish or make your toe nails look beautiful with the help of nail art.