Flowers Made With Coffee Filters

By on May 5, 2014

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Hello friends, today WE want to share all of you a great technique to make beautiful flowers made with coffee filters. The idea is wonderful practical and can be done in a moment. With a few minutes to devote to this wonderful activity have some flowers made with typical filter paper you can find in any store like the Chinese.

The coffee filters are inexpensive and you can get them in different sizes. This material is perfect couple activities like this with some really lovely results. You can use for making exquisite centerpieces to put such detail in a vase or a glass base. It is also a great idea for gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays saints coffee filters simply become beautiful flowers that can be used both for decoration as a gift.

They are easy to make the first thing is to get all the necessary elements such as green decorative ribbon, wire stem thickness you want, some coffee filters, dye, water and container. Now take three coffee filters and put them on each other bent this way when open resemble the petals of a flower.

Take a pinch of the center and twist a little this area, so do not leave the filters. Now take a container with water and dye, which can also be food and give a bath to the filters, as shown in the picture. Let dry and ready now hooked to a wire flower. Then with green ribbon, wire five masters to resemble the stem. Finally you can add some leaves or not.

Locate as many flowers as you want in a beautiful vase! Sure you will be the protagonists of decoration such as paper and will last much longer!