For a More Beautiful Complexion

By on December 23, 2011

 For a More Beautiful Complexion
Kitchen Will Provide Ingredients for Skin Beauty Treatments If you’re willing to wash your face in grated turnips, never ride anywhere that’s closer than fifteen blocks, and carry a hairbrush in your handbag, you’ll go for this ten-day beauty pro-gram. So will your husband. All it costs is application—and a raid on the icebox. What you can expect from this brief perseverance sounds pretty tempting, A loss of about five pounds, new gloss and life for your hair, the clearing of fatty acids from the system, improvement in color and texture of your skin, a general body toning—and fresh en-ergy for spring.

Expert’s Advice Dr. Erns Lazio, prominent beauty sperfffirTe— regimen. He’s formerly of Budapest’s Royal Hungarian Elizabeth University of Medical Science. Be declares that even the fortunate who can afford to spend hours and small fortunes in salon treatments know an occa-sional late-winter letdown. So in the final analysis, a woman’s beauty salvation is very much her own business. And it takes homework. • • • His “must’s” for a slim figure will doubtless develop your character, too: Make up your mind never to ride anywhere that is less than 15 blocks away. Do your shopping on foot, not by car or taxi. For five minutes every morning, before dressing, run around the room, dance to the radio or walk on your hands and feet. Don’t deny yourself a proper amount of food. Every night before bedtime. brush and comb your hair in all directions, with brush in one hand and comb in the other. Carry a hairbrush in your handbag. When you retire to the locker room to primp, brush your hair.All your glamorizing preparations come out of the icebox or the vegetable bin. If your skin’s nor-mal, here’s your routine: Drink a glass of orange juice with the juice of half a lemon every morning when you get up. Grate two turnips, let ‘em stand half an hour, add three tablespoons of melted butter, and apply the paste to your clean face. Leave it on a couple of minutes, then wash off. Before going to bed, dip dampened cotton into the juice of a lemon and wash your face. Dry skin victims get a gentler treatment—milk.

For Oily Skins Cucumber juice is the standby for oily skin. Add a pinch of camphor ice to discourage blackheads. Extremely oily skin calls for the addi-tion of a ‘half teaspoonful of bicar-bonate of soda in with the cucum-ber juice. A mixture of tomato and carrot juices is one of the best aids to skin beauty, and certainly it’s simply enough tO use as a facial. Your main trouble will be in having will power en ugh not to drink it all up. But then you needn’t be that this 10-day diet.
Look in the icebox for facials if your skin is dry. Melt butter into warns milk, swab it on your face with cotton, and leave on for half an hour. A 10-day routine like this is a step toward new spring beauty.
of the general beauty plan. Break-fast is a raw egg beaten into any kind of fruit juice, to be taken be-fore coffee or tea. Positively not toast. Lunch consists of just one helpiels of food—anything you like—but only that one helping. Nothing else. ,Dinner brings its reward in the !form of a large salad first, followed by anything you want except bread and rich desserts. Your midnight snack should be a ‘large glass of grapefruit juice or a. !raw apple. And at cocktail parties, lean upon your courage, refuse the second drink and look the other way when the canapes are passed.