For long and shiny hair, the castor oil pack

By on October 21, 2011

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The remedies that promise long hair and are plenty bright, but we love the beauty of the hair we all know that getting a thick head of hair, healthy and shiny is never so simple. For several months I decided to cut the hair ready … masks that are on the market (except in very exceptional cases), and create with my hands compresses effective, giving radiance and vitality to my hair, and I must say I am very satisfied with the results! But let the topic of the day: castor oil.

First of all, dear girls, you know that castor oil (which you can purchase at any health food store at a cost quite accessible) has a consistency very dense, so when you open your little bottle, do not be afraid of what you see, is completely normal!

That said, it is clear that creating a wrap using only castor oil (which is great for the beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows) would be quite complicated, so we associate it with other oils. Personally, I usually use castor oil (two teaspoons) mixed with linseed oil (the amount you will have to determine, based on the level of density that you want to get).

Mix the two oils for good, and you will see that the compound will be much more liquid and easy to apply on hair and skin. At this point you will not have to do is mess with your oil your hands and gently massage the skin (take the opportunity to make a nice scalp massage, your hair will thank!).

Roll the wrap over the entire length, focusing especially on the tips. After making your poultice, would advise you to cover with a cap for the shower and leave for about an hour. Proceed with your normal shampoo, and remember to wash the skin with the utmost care, that otherwise would remain full of oil!