Get dressed in five mins

By on December 28, 2011

office suit Get dressed in five mins

Morning hours are the busiest time of the day and getting ready for work is always so important and yet we are in such a hurry that at times we wish to have the aid of a magical wand which will help fix everything in 5 minutes. Look nowhere here is one such solution without any magic which help you get dressed in just 5 minutes, yes am serious trust me.

Take a hot bath or shower at bedtime during the week. That way you can cut down on shower/bath time by doing just a quick refresher in the morning.

Have your clothes laid out to you before hand; it will be much better if you have them ironed so that you don’t have to do any primping.

You can do multi-tasking by preparing your briefcase or fixing your lunch (if you haven’t done so already) while you are brushing your teeth.

Keep your hairstyle simple so that you don’t have to spend extra time grooming. Ponytails or short hair really helps.

Haste makes waste; don’t rush because if you try to hurry your body will automatically speedy up but will result in erratic body movements which will ultimately result in dropping your keys, breaking your heels or just forgetting things in haste. Slow down and do one work at a time and this way you won’t be wasting a single second of your precious time.