Get Perfectly Curled Lashes

By on October 28, 2011

 Get Perfectly Curled Lashes

1- Curl your lashes on daily basis: With the daily use of the eye lash curler you can train your lashes to curl. Hold the curler longer at first, but later use the curler for a few seconds just for maintenance.

2- Curl your eyes evenly, if they are not one eye will look bigger than the other

3- Follow these steps to curl your lashes and avoid the L shape

  • Make sure your lashes are clean and has no residue of eye makeup
  • Look with your chin up into the mirror to see your lashes clearly
  • Start by applying the curler on the base of the lashes and hold it for 10 seconds. Be gentle o not push too hard
  • Move the curler slowly up the lashes holding it for 5 seconds at the middle point
  • Squeeze the lashes at the tips

4- Change your curler frequently . If you see a line in the rubber, get a new one.

5- Wear Mascara directly after curling to seal everything in place. A water proof mascara is better

6- If all of this doesn’t work, you can try to curl your lashes after applying mascara and see if it helps.