Golden Hat for Christmas 2011 collection designed by Lancome

By on October 19, 2011

It’s called Golden Hat’s new collection created by Lancome in collaboration with Kate Winslet. This is not the make-up Christmas classic line, but make up a unique collection of cosmetics that has developed in collaboration … ion with the actress, who is also spokesperson, and created to support the Golden Hat a non-profit that raises funds to help children with autism. Lancome’s new collection has as its theme the hat with gold symbol of the association and will be launched in the vicinity of the holiday season, here is a great gift for a friend addicted to beauty.

The Golden Hat Collection, like all collections of the juiciest recent years, is a limited edition product so if something strikes you ready to sweat in a special way for it. I’m willing to bet that capture the hearts of the makeup addicted Golden Hat Illuminating Powder Smooth Goldenescent Glow, an illuminating face powder made from a soft pink base and an accent of gold given by the beautiful decorative hat, the perfect product to have a hyper complexion glow .

Important notice to the lipstick lovers, collectors this is done to steal your heart. For Christmas 2011 are the fabulous five proposed Absolu Rouge, The Base is a transparent stick with a nice white pearlescence, Misty Rose is a beautiful creamy pink, very feminine, Caprice is a very seductive classic red that gives almost all, Rosette is a very sophisticated and versatile antique pink and finally red raspberry soft Pink Spice extremely refined.
The matchy makeup is one of the most intriguing make-up trends for this season and the rides in the Golden Hat Lancome collection, in fact, the five colors of lipsticks are also offered in Le Vernis version. The overview provides a clear coat of enamel embellished with gold glitter, bright red, extremely feminine, a classic candy pink, pink, intense old and a very versatile red raspberry soft sober and elegant.

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