Great Make-Up: Priyanka Chopra

By on October 9, 2011

While I still felt the urge to voice my opinion on lining outside the natural lip line with Katrina Kaif’s make-up, I have no such complaints with this one. This is a gorgeous romantic look that I hope you like.

priyankachopra Great Make Up: Priyanka Chopra
This look is neither very glowy nor matte. To get the best results when using foundation, use a moisturizer and an eye cream according to the needs of your skin.

This look doesn’t require much complicated eyeshadow application and so relies on neat brows. Pluck any stray hairs so that your eyebrows and Using a dark brown brow-pencil, enhance your eyebrows with short strokes of the brow pencil.

With a make-up sponge or foundation brush, apply a satin finish foundation with medium coverage. If necessary, cover up any problematic areas with concealer. Thoroughly blend the foundation and concealer together and into the jawline, sides of your face etc.

A always, I recommend using a primer as it really helps make the eyeshadow stand out as it would on a primed canvas.

Apply a shimmery lavender eyeshadow from lash line to slightly above the crease.

Apply a shimmery cream-coloured eyeshadow on the brow bone. Blend both the lavender and the highlight so that no harsh lines are visible (I told you the eyeshadow wasn’t as complicated in this look).

With a steady hand, apply liquid liner starting from the inner corner. As you approach the outer corner, start thickening the line. Extend the liner just slightly from the outer corner. Using a soft black pencil, line the entire lower rim an connect the line with the extended line at the outer corner.

Apply a full strip of false lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Apply one coat of a lengthening mascara to mesh your own lashes to the false lashes. Be careful that you don’t get clumps when applying the mascara.

Apply a terracotta blush on the apple of your cheeks with a light hand. To add a soft glow, apply a gold-hued highlighter with a featherlight touch to the apple of your cheeks.

Line lips with a medium ginger-coloured lip liner. Finish off the look with a creamy, lipstick with a satin sheen in the same shade.