Green Curry Fried Rice

By on November 13, 2011

Green Curry Fried Rice Green Curry Fried Rice


3 cups of cooked rice (white rice or brown rice, they are both awesome!)

½ cup of coconut milk

2 tablespoons of green curry paste

2-3 Thai eggplants (cut in 4)

¼ cup of chopped zucchini

¼ cup of bamboo shoot strip

¼ cup Thai basil leaves

3 mushrooms (cut 4)

¼ cup of sliced scallion

¼ cup of bell pepper

2 tablespoon of soy sauce

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil


• Add the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the green curry paste to stir in the oil.

• Add the coconut milk and bring to boil.

• Put the eggplant, bell pepper, bamboo shoot, zucchini, mushroom and basil to cook in the curry sauce. Keep stirring until the vegetables are soft. (not too soggy)

• Add the cooked rice while stirring to combine together in the sauce.

• Transfer to a lovely plate and enjoy the spicy rice!