H & M prepares for winter 2011-2012

By on September 30, 2011

The new line of Fancy Sweats H & M is in stores from September 8 and proposes a series of coordinated clothing and accessories for fall-winter 2011-2012, which have their hearts in the collection of the Swedish giant pile of cheap fashion … wanted to offer flights for the cold season and as always, at a great price! Affordable and environmentally-friendly materials are now the law for H & M is always ready to churn out interesting and original capsule collection from time to time without forgetting the must haves of the season, as in this case.
H & M lines are more beautiful than the other, we have already seen the first images of the collection dedicated to the College Life and younger when they return to school, while the regular line is an inspiration for the ’60s and ’70s the true star this year and the result is truly one of the most interesting, as we have already begun to see.
Fancy Sweats find the line on the official website of the brand with the Italian name of “Sweat of Love” and already you can see by browsing the images of the gallery, there are many models proposed sweatshirts and matching set.

Sweatshirts stained with funny prints alternate with cardigans in neutral colors that can match anywhere, even on the trousers of a suit as you will see in a picture, but if you want a more masculine style, there are hooded sweatshirts with the right accessories to embellish, scarves, scarves, handbags and jewelry that H & M offers you in the store.

The price of the sweatshirts? All around 25 euros, not bad, right?

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