Hair Care Secrets from Megan Fox

By on December 21, 2011

Megan Fox is definitely hot, and I think she looks beautiful no matter what she wears or how she styles her hair. In fact, I have even gotten a few hair care secrets from Megan Fox. I really try to pay attention to the tricks she uses to make her hair look great.

One hair care secret is the side part. Sometimes she parts her hair to one side, and the part seems to be way over to one side of her head. This secret trick makes one side of her hair look so full and glamorous that I have tried this look, too. It really does work, and it makes flat hair appear to have more volume.

I also noticed that Megan Fox’s hair is always so sleek and shiny that it makes me jealous. She must be using a really deep conditioner to get her hair to look that way. Even when she pulls her hair away from her face into a simple twist, her hair just shines when the light hits it.

Megan Fox Hair Care Hair Care Secrets from Megan Fox

Her hair is in such great condition that when she wears it long and straight, it looks wispy instead of choppy. I like this look on her best because she looks like the girl next door this way. Even her side bangs look wispy and soft.

I think one of Megan’s other hair care secret is that she colors her hair to get different shades of brown and black. Sometimes her hair is very black while other times her hair appears to be light brown or even medium brown. She pulls off all of the shades of brown with ease, and her hair still looks silky.

One look I admire is when her hair is curled. Her secret is the way her curls bounce perfectly. icon smile Hair Care Secrets from Megan Fox