Hair Combing Is Important

By on December 13, 2011

 Hair Combing Is Important

Regular combing of your hair should be an important ritual in your effort to improve the quality of your hair and to prevent baldness.

Combing deeply massages the scalp and cleans the surface of dirt, dead skin, and dandruff.
It also helps the oil glands to release their secretions and stimulates their normal activity.

Don’t be afraid that with vigorous combing you will pull out too many hairs.
If the hair is already so loosely attached in its cuticle that it will come off in combing,
then it would be of no benefit to keep it there the sooner it comes out the better.
The emptied hair follicle, stimulated by the vigorous massage and the flow of new blood, will soon start growing new hair.

Using a comb of fine, high quality, natural material, comb your hair 5-10 minutes, morning and evening.

Did you know?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, regularly combing your hair helps to improve blood circulation
and saves hair from turning gray and tightens the hair roots.

Also combing hair can help you sleep well and brighten your eyesight.