Hair mask

By on September 30, 2011

After the summer holidays our hair are often stressed due to sun and salt air, and for this reason that they are possibly extinct, without vitality and zero volume. It’s just that I thought that today is proposing a so … volos mask that will be able to do at home without any problems: nothing hard and ingredients you can find them without any fear of any supermarket. Let’s see what it is! A miracle!
You were already thinking of going to the hairdresser and throw your hair between the blades of her scissors because you have tried everything but your beloved hair does not want to bounce back after the summer?

Stop! Today I have something special for you to be able to resolve this situation and give back to your hair beauty and, above all, the volume, achieving a great result!
What you need to be able to achieve this hair mask so special? 2 tablespoons powdered milk for infants, 1 teaspoon honey and 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt.
Mix together first the milk with yogurt and honey and finally apply the mixture on your hair dry for about 15 minutes so that, especially milk, due to its high content of protein and vitamins, comes in good contact with regenerate and nourish the hair and the hair from root to tip.
Later, after the time indicated, proceed with the shampoo, gentle and choose better, if the temperature allows it there, let them air dry.

You will see that, if you make this for 2 times a week, you will have a particularly bright and dense foliage.

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