Hammered Chain Statement Necklace

By on January 4, 2012

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What you need:
  • 12″ small to medium chain (if you want a very long necklace, you could increase this)
  • 12″ large hammered chain (or 6″ lengths of different chains grouped together)
  • 2 large statement beads, something really fabulous from your stash if you have one
  • 1 lobster clasp, to match the metal you chose for your chain
  • about 8″ of wire to match chain, you can use 20 or 22 gauge
  • 12 or more coordinating crystals or beads, about the width of the medium chain
  • Flat and Round Pliers, Wire Cutters
5281465373 40977249fa b Hammered Chain Statement NecklaceInstructions:

  1. Fold the large chain in half and put both ends in a wire loop. Wrap the wire 2 or 3 times.
  2. Add a statement bead sandwiched between 2 smaller beads on the wire and close with a wrapped loop. This loop will be one end of the necklace.
  3. Hold up the necklace to find the middle of the large chain, move over at least one link from the center so that the chain hangs nicely. Put this link in a wire loop, wrap wire like you did before.
  4. Add the second statement bead and two small beads onto this wire and make another loop.
  5. Pass one end of the small chain into this loop and close the loop with another wrap.
  6. Make a small wire loop, add the lobster clasp, wrap this loop.
  7. Add 3 small glass beads to the wire. Make another loop, inserting the other end of the smaller chain. Close this with a wire wrap.
  8. At this point, go and try on the necklace in a mirror. Decide if you want to make it shorter or longer. If you want it longer, make one or more cuts in the small chain and insert lengths of wire wrapped beads (groups of 1, 3 and 5 look nice). If you want to make it shorter, you can cut out a section of chain and add a shorter length of wire wrapped beads. I added beads to just one side of the necklace because I thought it needed a little asymmetry.