Hangers for your home

By on November 21, 2011

Racks will always have a role in the any home decor. Of course, years ago were more important now due to constant use were given as the fashion of the day (hats, caps, coats, etc.) allowed it, however, if you feel nostalgia for them and wants to put in your home, here are some tips.

hangers home01 Hangers for your home

Knowing where to place the first point to many used to put them in the lobby for obvious reasons, but now would not be easy, unless you have enough space. As we talk about standing racks wall and may very well remain in a kind of vintage decor right in a corner of the room.

In the rooms there is greater scope for placement. These can go right next to a cabinet or a mirror the visual impact created is impressive and especially if your material and color combine with the rest of the decor.

Yet if you look really do not know where to place there a quick and easy way to do it, get a wooden beam you perforate it not too thick and to place small arm that table screwed to the wall, where you like, and then place the pieces to hang your clothes.

In the nursery can be a similar process can even use your imagination and create figures with those tables, a tree or a cactus are just some ideas. Creativity will give extra value to visual design.