Head Lice and Nits Removal-Home Remedies

By on August 13, 2011

lice1 Head Lice and Nits Removal Home Remedies

Whatever remedy you try you should comb through the hair after treatment with a nit comb. 10 days after treatment do the whole procedure again to ensure nothing remains in the hair.

Treat all members of the family even if they are not even scratching. Also it is important to wash towels, bed linen and all other soft furnishings the infected person may have been in contact with.

Head lice – tips and hints for removal

Listerine and white vinegar: Pour Listerine through the hair, cover head with a shower cap and leave on for two hours. Rinse away the Listerine and the head lice too. Then pour white vinegar over the head. Comb through. This apparently removes the gluggy stuff that enable nits to stick to the hair shafts. Rinse hair well.

Use a shampoo with coal tar in it.

Mix half a cup of olive oil with 2 or 3 tablespoons of tea try oil. Massage well into the scalp and cover head with a shower cap. An old towel draped around the neck will absorb any runaway oil. Leave oil mixture on the head for half an hour. Wash hair with shampoo to remove the oil. Rinse hair twice with vinegar, rinsing with hot water (as hot as you can comfortably withstand) between each vinegar rinse.

Smother hair with heaps of warmed mayonnaise and place a shower cap on the head. Leave on for at least 2 hours. Wash hair with shampoo to remove the mayo. Rinse the hair with vinegar endeavouring to leave the vinegar on the head for 5 minutes.

Buy a thick and gluggy scalp and hair conditioning treatment – not the everyday hair conditioner. The thicker the better. Coat hair well. Place a shower cap or some other plastic wrapping on top of the head and leave overnight. Wash out in the morning. Washing the hair won’t remove all the conditioner but this is fine. The remains of it can stay in the hair for a few more washes as it is continuing the lice treatment.

Apply Vaseline to the hair and cover head with a shower cap.. Leave on overnight. In the morning rub peanut butter through the hair and this will dislodge the Vaseline. Shampoo as normal. (I’m not sure I want to try this recommendation – author)

Discourage future lice infestations by:

Fill a small household water spray bottle with water and 2 or 3 drops of lavender oil. Spray hair each morning. This worked beautifully with my children. They never, ever got nits again at school- authors tip.

Add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to shampoo and conditioner.

Using hair spray. This seems to prevent lice from getting a hold on the hairs.