Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

By on July 5, 2014

a55da1ce785e42c30345d64ac351a6fb Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflowers consists of few kilojoules and lots of fibres.

They are rich in vitamin C, providing up to 50 percent of daily need, which helps in defending cells from damage due to high blood glucose.

They are an excellent source of folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6. Like cabbage and broccoli, cauliflowers are loaded with anticancer compounds. A research found that an individual taking the biggest amounts of cauliflower have smallest risk of lungs, stomach, digestive tract and rectal cancers.

How to use Cauliflower:

1) You can use cauliflower in salads

2) You can use cauliflowers in your soups

3) You can use cauliflowers in cauliflower roasties Etc