Healthy and Beautiful Hair

By on November 24, 2011

 Healthy and Beautiful Hair

How to Make Your Hair Healthy, Shiny And Strong? Many have used the expression, “the hair is the frame for the face.” The truth is that hair does have a key role in the composition of our appearance. Beautiful, healthy hair does not occur by chance. It requires daily care and specific treatment to prevent damage to the hair.

There are four basic areas to attend to so that the hair remains healthy: shine, static, strength and sun exposure. To protect the hair and keep it healthy these are the four major concerns.

Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. Using conditioners helps form a film on hair increasing the brightness and giving the hair a smoother appearance. Conditioner is not only good for the hair but also works all the way down to the follicle at the scalp line. Conditioning treatments are a good alternative if hair has been damaged by the use of chemicals such as those used in dying or bleaching the hair.

Static Electricity

Too much combing or brushing of the hair can cause it to become negatively charged. This creates static electricity which affects curls. Fine hair is more susceptible to static electricity because of a greater surface are of the cuticle. Conditioners which contain quaternary ammonium can reduce static electricity by producing and maintaining a positive charge that neutralizes the static electricity.

How to Strengthen Hair?

Conditioners with ingredients such as hydrolyzed proteins can help to increase the strength of the hair. This is because of its low molecular weight. These proteins help to reduce split ends. If hair is stripped of its fibers by chemical or physical trauma, including vigorous brushing, split ends can occur. This weakens the hair. Even though split ends are irreversible trimming them every two or three months and deep conditioning treatments can help keep them manageable.

Natural Hair Care: Sun Exposure

Exposure to UV rays can induce the oxidation of sulfur molecules within the hair shaft. These are important to the strength of the hair but when stripped the hair can become brittle, dry and rough. Bleached or highlighted hair can also make further color changes if exposed to UV rays. Blond hair can develop a yellowish look. Brown hair can also change color and tend to develop a reddish color due to the oxidation that occurs. To help protect the hair from damaging sunlight, consider using a leave in conditioner which contains nitric oxide. This will help protect the hair from damage. Wearing protective caps and hats that are made of solid material can also be beneficial.