Heavy Metal Eyeshadow Tips

By on December 6, 2011

 Heavy Metal Eyeshadow Tips

Heavy metal eye shadow is heavy competition for the smoky eye. And the winner is…the woman who can wear them both in the same weekend.

Heavy metal eye shadow shades are gold, silver, pewter and bronze. Just the barest amount is plenty. Try wearing the gold on the lid and the silver on the brow bone just under the eyebrow.

Heavy metal eye shadows are definitely met for an evening look. Don’t try to wear heavy metal eye shadows at work, a child’s birthday party or a timeshare presentation. There is a makeup for every occasion.

The clothing must support the eye shadow. If you are wearing a heavy metal eye shadow, your ensemble must be very trendy or look like it. There has always been difference between what we wear for day and what we wear for evening and you don’t wear cotton at night or heavy metal eye shadow to pick the kids up from daycare.

Heavy Metal Eye Shadow Application Tips

  • Don’t mix too many metals together
  • Don’t mix metals with matte shades at all
  • Always use a sponge applicator or eyeshadow brush
  • Don’t mix with water
  • Blending is very important so start with the smallest amount at one time
  • Use the light color on the brow bone
  • Brush one light shade all over the eyelid, the dark color in the outside corner and the brightest shade in the middle of the lower eyelid.

Any woman can wear heavy metal eye shadow shades. Women with fair skin need to make sure that they have balanced all of their makeup. You can’t wear heavy metal eye shadow shades and nude lips if you are a petite woman with fine hair.

Makeup works in proportion and respects balance. Makeup also benefits from color organization like going from the deepest green to the palest shade of mint or midnight blue to silver blue for the highlighter.

Heavy metal is full of glitter and is not for wall flowers who intend to stay wall flowers. Heavy metal eye shadow definitely says, I’m with the band.