Here’s how to apply makeup

By on October 21, 2011

Attach the foundation is a crucial part of the make-up. There’s nothing left to do a great lipstick or eye makeup can not fix a scream to a disastrous make-up base, but rather suffer and lose much of the l. .. gold charm. Certainly right now the market is facing millions of foundation for all skin types, in all formulations with every feature imaginable, but unfortunately, or fortunately, have not yet invented a fund to be smart enough to know how to roll out only when our ability to apply it still has a decisive bearing on the outcome.

To have a perfect makeup as that of the Stars is necessary to be able to apply the products in the right way, I want to reveal some tricks that will allow you to lay the foundation so flawless.

We can not stress this enough, the choice of foundation is essential, must blend perfectly with your complexion and must possess all the necessary properties for your skin, so to speak must be Matifying if you suffer from excess sebum or sheer and moisturizing case of dry skin. Choosing the most suitable foundation comes time to apply it and in this case it is important that the instrument is used, the beauty blender sponge and are perfect for compact liquid funds, the classic foundation brush, your fingers are perfect for applying and flatbuki and liquid and kabuki brushes are perfect for blending the mineral surfaces.

The foundation aims to even out the complexion, should not be used to create a mask on your face, so keep in mind this useful mantra. Apply a small quantity at a time and roll it out with your hands or a brush, starting from the center of the face towards the hairline, pulled the product so you do not have the storage tanks and proceed as well on the neck and ears. If you have to cover blemishes or dark circles are acting on these in a sectoral manner by using a concealer, but if your base makeup is too heavy you can lighten it and make it more light fading slightly moistened with water in a spa or flatbuki Fix Plus