Home Remedies for Age Spots

By on December 12, 2011

 Home Remedies for Age Spots

* Avoid sweets, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and junk food.

* Drink 8-10 glass of water every day. include fruit juices in your diet. it is very useful in age spot removal.

* Apply vitamin E cream to effected area and take vitamin E supplements. it is very useful in age spot removal.

* Aloe vera has healing properties similar to those of castor oil, and daily application to age spots can help even out your skin’s complexion.

* Apply some sandalwood paste to affected area.

* Finely chop up an onion, extract its juice, and try applying it to sun spots. The acidity of the onion juice can induce skin peeling, which has a bleaching effect.

* The citric acid in lemons makes this fruit one of the strongest natural skin lightening remedies. After dabbing lemon juice on age spots twice a day for two months, dark spots should begin to fade.

* Cucumber Slices of cucumber or its juice is very effective in removing age spots.

* Butter milk and tomato juice can be applied over age spots to get encouraging results in removal of spots.

* Raw papaya can be grated and rubbed on the spotted area and is washed after few minutes. This must be followed every day to get good results.