Homemade Cucumber and Watermelon Face Mask

By on May 4, 2014

f8819eabb84ad61a1fb1ba218a85e0f8 Homemade Cucumber and Watermelon Face Mask

For fair and glowing skin, the best home made face mask for any type of skin is Cucumber and watermelon face mask, which is also easy to prepare.


Cucumber juice 2 tblsp
Watermelon juice 2 tblsp
Yogurt 1 tsp
Milk Powder 1 tsp

How to prepare:

Mix Cucumber juice, Watermelon juice, Yogurt and Milk Powder together and apply on your face about 15 mins.


Watermelon is one key ingredient to clean your skin and also to remove the blemishes. Watermelon also acts as a toner. Cucumber juice is well known for its skin lightning effect. Yogurt softens and tightens the skin. Milk powder helps in skin lightening and also acts as a cleaning agent.

For Any Skin Type