How to Apply Eye Makeup Base

By on June 7, 2011

Eye makeup base is used before you apply eye shadow color, to prevent the shadow from running and clumping in your crease and the wrinkles around your eyes. It also causes the eye shadow to last longer and prevents those little sprinkles of powder that fall underneath your eyes. Follow these tips to apply the base properly.

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  • Select an eye base color that closely resembles your own skin tone.

  • Tap your middle or ring finger into your eye base makeup cream. If you are using a powder base, use a regular eye shadow brush.

 How to Apply Eye Makeup Base

  • Apply the base gently with your ring finger, middle finger, or eye shadow brush all over your eyelid, in the crease and all the way up to your brow bone. If you are using a cream, ensure it’s rubbed in completely.

 How to Apply Eye Makeup Base

  • Blend the base well with your skin, so that it doesn’t look like you are wearing obvious color. The base should lighten your eyes and brighten them, but not color them dramatically.
  • Ask for tips from a makeup artist at a makeup counter if you have special needs such as allergies or sensitive skin. Going in for a free makeover gives you a chance to see what colors professionals would pick for your eyes and see a demonstration of these tips.
  • Apply eye base makeup after you’ve touched up your eyebrow with makeup or a brush. Working on your eyebrow after you’ve applied the base could rub it off.