How To Apply Eyeliner Gel

By on October 1, 2011

The gel eyeliner is a useful product for a seductive look like a cat or a trick to create extremely intense dark, like all things, but we must know how to use them properly. The eyeliner is the same temperature … the best little friend and worst enemy of us women, makes our eyes incredibly intense, but it is damn hours in front of the mirror trying to make a straight line or to ensure that the flick two have the same angle. In order to draw a perfect line that enhances the occchi requires a lot of practice, the right product is essential and why not, you may want to know some tricks.

Not all are the same eyeliner, a large difference exist between those in liquid and gel ones, impossible to rule objectively the better of the two, in both cases you need a good manual. We want to give you a number of useful tips for you to achieve a perfect line with the eyeliner gel.

How to Choose the eyeliner brush

The instrument needed to apply gel eyeliner is the brush, this depends on the result that we can get. There are several brushes for eyeliner that are on the market and each has pros and cons. The classic angled brush allows you to easily make the flick but it must be very compact, otherwise it is difficult to make thin lines, instead of the thin brush allows you to draw the line with great precision, but requires good manual to track the flick, the ideal is to use both in order to really be certain not to err. If you can not find a brush for you, try applying the eyeliner gel using a pencil as an applicator for eyes, is a rudimentary, but I assure you it works.

To achieve a perfect straight line

We have already said that the brush is essential to draw a perfect line using eyeliner gel, but to really be certain to do a good job may be some useful tips. Always check the consistency of your eyeliner, if it is too thick or dry, scaldatene a small amount on hand to make it more workable, to make the flick easily imagine a line running from the outer corner of your eye and reaches the tip of the your eyebrow, it will be easier to orient. Finally if you want to make a cat eyes eyeliner or a line very dramatic and important, use a piece of masking tape as a guideline, the work will certainly be easier.

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