How to Apply Eyeshadow

By on November 5, 2011

how to apply eyeshadow How to Apply Eyeshadow

Types of Eye Shadows:
· Compact – most common.
· Loose, powder eye shadow
· Cream eye shadow
· Stick eye shadow

Categorized into 3 groups:
· Highlighters – cream, white, beige colors (very light and neutral)
· Medium colors – like blue, green, brown, grey, pink, etc.
· Eyeliner colors – black, dark brown, grey.
· Matte colors – creates a good illusion.
· Glitter/shiny colors – let the illusion disappear.

Application in brief:
1. Look at your client’s eye shape so that you know how to correctly apply the eye

2. Take your highlighting brush and apply any of the above mentioned highlighting
colors onto your eyelid and also just underneath your eyebrow.

3. Then you take your eye shadow applicator brush and apply any of the above
mentioned medium colors in the fold of your eye.

4. Then you can take your eyeliner brush to apply any of the above mentioned
eyeliner colors onto your eye. You can also take an eyeliner pencil, whichever one
you decide to use.