How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

By on December 28, 2011

Apply Eye Glitter How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

Its not just the Smokey eyes, anime eyes or rainbow colored eye makeup that is creating a rage. Even a glitter eye makeup is creating quite a stir. Lady Gaga has really got it going. Do you want to apply glitter eye makeup? Follow the instructions given below and learn how to apply glitter eye makeup in just 5 minutes.

Things You’ll Need

  • Eye glitter
  • Brightly colored eye makeup
  • Mascara in any color you prefer
  • Q-tip or glitter applicator
  • Gel or Vaseline
  • Small rhinestones


Apply two or three bright colors of eye shadow on your eyes. You need to start this process after you have applied eyeshadow. Next apply gel or Vaseline along your lash line where you want the glitter to stick. Apply enough amount of Vaseline or gel so that the glitter will stick well. Then using your Q-tip or glitter applicator, gently apply your colored glitter right along the lash line. If you wish you can also apply glitter underneath your eye or on the corners of your eyes. Next you apply two coats of black mascara or if you want a more dramatic look then you may use a bright exciting color too. To get the final look just put small rhinestones on the outside of your eyes or along your lash line.