How To Apply Highlighter Makeup?

By on December 26, 2011

A highlighter can be used to add a dramatic or subtle look to your usual makeup routine. You can apply a highlighter under the eye, much like you would eyeliner, to create the illusion of wider eyes. The look can then be smudged for a more subtle look. The steps below will tell you how you can use a highlighter when applying your makeup.

Highlighter tips:

* Wide-set eyes: Use highlight looks wonderful when placed in the middle of the creases of the eyes and then given a smudged look.

* Close-set eyes: Draw a line along the upper eyelash line. Skip one third of the eye, then blending outward, create an illusion of wide-set eyes.

* Puffy lids: Don’t highlight the lids as this could give them a raised effect. Instead, highlight the area just below the arch of the eyebrow to give it a balanced look.

* Small lids: Use highlighter across the entire upper lid. This will attract the light from all directions and give a fuller look to the lids.

* Flat lids: To give a sense of dimension to your eyes, blend in highlighter in an upward stroke, going toward the brow bone. If your eyes have no visible crease, they could look large and awesome if youhighlight the inner third of the eye. So, take care.

* Dark spots: To cover dark spots, draw over those areas and pat with your finger to blend in the highlighter. With the warmth of your finger, the color of your highlighter will diffuse effectively. Once this is done, apply a light layer of foundation over it.

* Glitter: If your highlighter also contains glitter, this is really outrageous because the glitter pieces can be seen. They may be perfect for going to the disco or late night parties. You can add glitterhighlight not just to your lids but to the centre of the lips, and a dash on the cheekbones.

* Shimmer: This is quite like glitter, but in a muted form. Here, the shimmer pieces, though visible, are much smaller which gives you a definite sparkle.

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