How To Apply Makeup

By on January 7, 2012

 How To Apply Makeup

A beautiful makeover starts with the right foundation. Unless you are blessed with naturally flawless skin, you must wear a foundation that will allow you to create the illusion of having flawless skin. Your foundation must fit like a second skin.

The perfect makeover is similar to a work of art. Just like the artist who primes his canvas to mask the imperfections, we also need to do the same – with foundation. The ideal foundation must have full coverage but should not leave your skin looking pink, orange, ashy or two-toned. It must be totally natural-looking.

The only color on the face should come from blush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss,mascara or eye liner. Foundation should be used as a “primer” to create the canvas, not to add color!

The vast majority of women have yellow based skin. To create the effect of having naturally flawless skin you must wear a yellow-based foundation. If the foundation you select has a pink or orange tone, it will never be a perfect match. Be wary of brands that claim to be yellow based but are really orange-based.

Sacha Cosmetics is one of the very few lines of foundation that has a true yellow base. It is a line developed for beauty pageants so it contains all the hard-to-findfoundation shades.

If you have just a few blemishes, them by all means use a liquid or cream foundation. Generally, cream foundations tend to have more coverage.

If you need to conceal severe skin blemishes such as marks, acne, vitiligo or rosacea, then you need to use maximum coverage camouflage concealer. You can easily cover up tattoos using this camouflage makeup as well. This too needs to be yellow based to ensure a natural-looking, flawless finish.

When you have created the look of having flawless-looking skin, you can then explore your creativity with your cheek, lip and especially your eye colors.