How To Apply Perfumes Effectively?

By on December 28, 2011

womanapplyperfume How To Apply Perfumes Effectively?

Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion sense of women all around the globe. Chanel didn’t just change the way women dress but also introduced a new style statement by inventing the best selling female perfume called Chanel No.5. Coco Chanel is the one who made femininity and luxury comfortable. She knew that scent of a woman is enough to attract attention. Just like right makeup, correct outfit, designer bags, high heels and the right accessories to go with, a woman also requires right perfume to complete her personality. L’Oreal makeup, designer bags and outfits are essential items desired by any woman. Now in a festive season, discounted cosmetics are real attention grabber. In case if you bump into Fm cosmetics at the discounted cosmetics section then it will be more like a Christmas bonus. Fm cosmetics is one of the best names in the perfume market. The thing that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a perfume is not just the brand and fragrance but also the effective way of application.

When a mixture of fragrances, be it synthetic or organic is combined together, a pleasant scent or aroma is created known as perfume. We use perfume not just on ourselves but use it as air fresheners for homes and cars, and other similar regular commodities.

Many times you like the fragrance of your friend’s perfume and naturally you buy one for your own self but surprisingly enough when you apply the same perfume to your own skin the fragrance is just so very different from what you smelt earlier and you just hate it. This is because all of us have got different skin, and our skin allows a fragrance to come to life. You will see that some perfume when blended with your own chemistry smells gorgeous, and at other times disgusting… bottom-line regardless of the fact that whichever perfume you choose be very much sure, that it will be simply unique!

Here are a few simple and easy tips that will help you in applying a perfume effectively.  Simply follow the steps given below and you will never complain that your perfume doesn’t last longer.

For maximum effects, apply perfume to the pulse points of the wrists and throat. Make sure that you apply perfume from a distance of 5-6 inches.

If you have a dry skin then do apply perfume more than once; for the ones with oily skin, you need not to apply quite so often, just once or twice will suffice.

Do not apply different perfumes at the same time because the mixture of different scents will result in making you smell hideous!

Do apply your perfume after you have showered and dried completely.

Do not combine perfume with the deodorant or deodorant soap as the combination smell of the two will be horrible.

Always test the perfume before you buy. Spray it on your skin and see how it smells after a few hours and whether it lasts longer or not.

Never rub the fragrance after application as it will damage the molecule and change the notes.

Many of us have a signature perfume that smells just like us. The musk is my signature smell; I have been wearing the musk for as long as I remember. However I see no harm in trying a new fragrance because even if you have that one perfume to go with always, but still a little variety will never hurt anyone. Moreover you should have a few different perfumes to choose from for evening and day looks, the same goes for different seasons and age group too.