How to Apply Professional Face Powder

By on June 7, 2011

Applying face powder may be easy, but applying face powder so it looks natural and fresh, enhances your skin tone and last throughout the day is a work of art. This is a guide on how to apply face powder.

 How to Apply Professional Face Powder


Applying face powder correctly will enhance the features of your face and can prevent shine and hide blemishes and other skin problems.

Choosing a Face Powder

Start by choosing the right face powder for your skin color, type and foundation.

  • Some foundations do not require a face powder, such as foundation and powder combination makeup.

  • There are two general types of face powder, pressed powder and loose powder. Pressed powder is usually heavier and provides more coverage, while loose powder is lighter but more messy during the application.

  • Choose a color that blends into your skin in a way that looks natural.

  • The color of the powder should also match the foundation.

  • To test the color of a powder, try it both inside and outside, as different light provides different results.

  • Don’t use powder to add color to your face. Instead use blush, bronzer and other products.

  • The typical advice of trying a powder on the inside of the hand does not always work, as it’s often not the same color as your face. Try the powder on your face where it will be used.

Before You Apply it

Before you apply powder to your face, prepare by having the necessary application tools and getting your skin ready for powder.

  • Loose powder is best applied by a brush.

  • Pressed powder can be applied by a brush or makeup puff. A brush tends to give a more lighter and natural look; while a puff can provide a longer-lasting result.

  • Apply moisturizer first. Then apply foundation and concealer.

Applying Face Powder

After preparing your skin for powder, apply the face powder of your choice.

  • To apply powder with a puff, add powder to the puff and apply it to your face. Brush off any excess powder with a powder brush.

  • To apply powder with a brush, dip the brush in the powder and shake up any excess powder. Stroke the brush against your face in a downward direction. Follow the direction of your facial hair for best results. After applying powder, shake up the brush again and brush off any excess powder for a natural result.

  • Don’t focus on applying enough powder so it will last the whole day. This can result in an unnatural and caked result. Instead, apply powder during the day as necessary.


To apply face powder, first make sure you have the right color and type. Remember that powder is not used to add color to your face but to provide a foundation for your makeup. Pick a color as close to your skin tone and foundation as possible. When applying powder, make sure you don’t apply too much to prevent an unnatural result.