How To Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow on your own

By on December 28, 2011

Rainbow Eye Makeup 2 How To Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow on your own

There seems to be no end when it comes to experimenting with your makeup. There are innumerable makeup designs and trends that needs attention. One of the latest in eye makeup is rainbow eyes. This makeup requires the application of various colors of eyeshodows on your eyes to give them a rainbow color look. Rainbow eyeshadow is an ideal set up for late night parties or photo shoot. You can flaunt it on a stage show also, depending upon the demand of your character. Whatever the need be, you must give your eyes a rainbow eyeshades make up.

Things You’ll Need

Red/Pink eye shadow

Orange eyeshade

Yellow Eye shadow

Green eye shadow

Blue Eye shadow

Purple Eye shadow




To achieve an even base apply a little foundation and powder on the eyelids. You start with the pink eye shadow, apply it into the inner corner of your eyes and pull it out towards the center of the lid. After pink, you apply orange eye shade on top of where the pink has begins to end. You have to play with the colors in this makeup, and be very innovative and imaginative. Next you apply the yellow eyeshade on top of where the orange eyeshade begins fade. You have to stretch the yellow eyeshade slightly further along the lid. Now you have to use little technique as you have to apply a strip of green eyeshade ever so slightly onto the yellow eyeshade. With a thin brush fade the green eyeshade a little further along the lid. After you apply a strip of green eyeshade, you apply a strip of blue eyeshade slightly onto the green one and then you stretch that almost to your outer corner of your lid. Smudge a little of violet eyeshade onto the blue eyeshade and fill out the rest of your lid. To give your makeup a finishing touch, apply black eyeliner both on upper and lower lids. Put a few coats of mascara and you are done.