How to Begin Interior Decorating

By on December 12, 2011

Interior decorating ideas are fun and exciting, but unless you have a decorating plan everything can fail miserably before you’re even finished.

It’s so exciting to come up with that brilliant new idea of what you’re going to do to your home or how you want to make your interior decorating scheme more exciting. It’s so exciting that’s its really easy to get caught up in the ideas and not really take the time to think through the process and suddenly you find yourself floundering after having spent too much money and accomplishing too little decorating. The best way to approach any interior decorating project is to come up with a plan and then organizing yourself so you can accomplish the task. It’s not a fun task unless you’re an incredibly organized person, but it’s really worth the effort.
Create a Decorating Design Book

A design book is a place to put all of your ideas for your new home decorating scheme. Some people get really fancy and create professional type books with scale drawn mockups, but this isn’t necessary at all. Just begin clipping pictures and articles that have things you love and want to incorporate into your room. Collect paint chips, fabric swatches and any other little trinkets that will keep you excited about the project. The design book is a great way to start to bring all of the ideas together and then edit them so your room is cohesive and not overworked.
Develop your Decorating Budget

Okay, for most people this is the part that’s the least fun and the thing you’re most likely to skip. Unless you have unlimited finances, the budget is a necessary part of decorating. Too many people have been hung up halfway through the process because they simply ran out of funds and once the funds are gone the enthusiasm wanes and pretty soon the whole thing is a mess and you no longer care.
To make the budget more exciting, consider it a challenge to find the dream pieces you want at the best price possible. Or try to find or make something similar that costs just a fraction of the original price.
Research Your Decorating Options

Give some thought to the size of the furnishings, the style of each item in addition to its color and function. Go with your heart on major pieces and pick things you just can’t live without, but then make sure you’re purchasing paint, carpeting, accessories or other furniture pieces that can live with them too. You want harmony in your home and random selection does not lead to a peaceful coexistance.
The Decorating Plan of Attack

Now, it’s time to look at your ultimate target deadline, then break down each element and figure out how long its going to take you to get there. Remember that contractors don’t always work on your schedule and some stores do not have what you want in stock, so a little flexibility and a lot of patience is important.
When that decorating inspiration hits write it down, take pictures, clip articles. Keep these dream ideas together so when it comes time to execute your decorating plan you’ve already got the basics in mind. Methodically review your finances and then begin accumulating or ordering items. Finally, create that decorating schedule and stick to it as much as possible.