How to Care Your Eyes

By on November 24, 2011

 How to Care Your Eyes

The Secrets Behind Beautiful Eyes: When you wake up in the morning and notice your eyes are swollen, it can be caused by a mild infection of the eyelids. There are several things one can do to relieve this condition.

First of all, never sleep with your make up on. Always remove makeup using a good remover. Wash your eyes each night with warm water or saline solution.

A cold compress can be made using chamomile tea. This will help reduce inflammation but also acts as a gentle moisturizer to the skin.

If your eyes become irritated in the evenings it is commonly caused by circulation of dry air. This is typical of air conditioning in offices. Apply a moisturizer as many times as in necessary.

Combat stress with a light tea bath. Use lavender, lemon balm, orange, lemon or sandal wood for a relaxing bath. This will be beneficial for your entire face, including your eyes It will help relieve tension and fatigue after a long day.

Here are some tricks for inflammation of the eyelids. These are three easy solutions.

1.    Put a few slices of cucumber on the eyes. This will cool and relax the eyes.

2.    Put a tea bag in hot water. Add ice to cool it and then apply it to the eyes.

3.    As a quick and easy solution put some cotton in cold water and cover the eyes.

When applying makeup to eyes:

•    Apply moisturizer under the base so it will slide more easily. Apply concealers in the grooves of the eye, corners of the mouth and nose

•    Powder should be translucent and the same skin tone. Apply it with a brush to give a more natural look.

•    Outline the eyes with a copper or brown color.

•    Mascara should be black or brown. But burgundy and dark blue can be very flattering if done with just the right touch.

•    Mascara should be applied from the root to the tip like a fan. You can do this by opening the other eye!

If you have many circles under your eyes that cannot be corrected avoid these colors: blue, green, purple, and grey. Use warm colors such as bronze and gold.

If you have bags under your eyes avoid certain textures such as: pearly, shiny, or cream shadows. Always use a makeup pencil to line or shade the lower lashes.