How to clean different types of wall

By on December 20, 2011

Exterior, interior concrete, House Signs or natural stone, your walls require regular cleaning and maintenance products appropriate.

Clean a stone wall:

To clean a stone wall on the inside, starting with a large dust vacuumed. Then on a wall lightly soiled, rub vigorously and baking soda is more than enough. However, if your wall is resisting, scrub the walls with a hard bristle brush dipped in a solution with soda. However, on a wall fragile, it is preferable to use a sanding or laser cleaning. To fight against the crumbling walls, a cured product is required. For protection, the products of polish and waterproofing products are the best allies of your wall. They can form a protective film against dirt, wear and moisture on your walls and more porous, especially clay or cement.

 How to clean different types of wall

Cleaning a painted wall:

To remove a mural of the layer of dust, fumes and vapors that form a black film over time, it must first conduct a dusting. Then, the cleaning itself depends on the surface of your wall. With a paint silicone, clean water just as the dirt does not cling. With paint or vinyl primer, you need to make a phone cloth dampened with water and detergent. Do not hesitate to repeat the layers if the layer of dirt is stubborn. On a wall covered with oil paint, apply a solution of ammonia water. This solution is also suitable for painted walls very dirty and difficult to detach. Finally, it paints light into the water, a simple dry cleaning necessary.

Clean a plaster wall:

Within the habitat, you can choose between two methods to clean a plaster wall: either you vigorously rub your wall with a stiff bristle brush and a solution of water and potash, or use a sponge soaked in vinegar and salt. In either case it finishes by rinsing. However, if dirt is deeply imbedded in your plaster or if your wall is particularly blackened with dirt, get yourself a wire brush to scrub vigorously your wall. Outside, the answer to be used for cleaning is much more powerful and it is a mixture of bleach and dish soap.