How to clean your tongue

By on December 28, 2011

bad breath cure How to clean your tongue

To eliminate bad breath Tongue cleaning is very necessary. As the tongue is rough therefore it is very likely that it will trap bacteria and the same will result in bad mouth odor in future. To avoid bad breath, it is very necessary that you clean your tongue on a regular basis as this will reduce the bacteria. If you want to keep your breath smelling fresh then scrap or brush your tongue, this will also remove any discoloration that is being caused by certain foods or medications. Here is simple a guideline on how to clean your tongue in just 5 minutes.

You can clean your tongue by a tongue scraper or some other type of device that gently scrapes the surface of your tongue. You can clean your tongue using a toothbrush but it may not be as effective. You have to start the cleaning process by sticking your tongue out and observing it in the mirror. Place the scraper as far back on your tongue as possible when you begin this process. Initially you may feel gagged so in the beginning, don’t go far beyond. Move back gradually. As you apply pressure, pull the scraper forward to the front of your tongue. After each pass with the scraper you should rinse it off to clean away any accumulation of debris. Continue scraping until there is no visible debris on your scraper.

This process will last for 5 minutes and will make you get rid of bad mouth odor. You need to do this every time you brush your teeth and floss, that is after every standard meal and before you go to bed.