How to Control your blood pressure in 5 minutes

By on December 28, 2011

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Blood in order to move through the arteries puts pressure on them and this process is known as blood pressure. Now when your blood moves through your arteries at a higher pressure than normal it is known as high blood pressure. And this may increase the risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart disease and heart attack too. I have certain tips that will help you control your blood pressure in just 5 minutes. There are no pills or medicine required, you can just spend 5 minutes on this at home and hopefully will be benefited by it.

Breathing technique is an age old process to control blood pressure. Now you can get back to the same old process but this time with a new medical mechanism. With the help of this technique you can easily lower high blood pressure. This technique works on the pattern of “Anuloma Viloma Pranayama” the breathing exercises mentioned in Yoga.

Another technique by which you can control high blood pressure is achieved by cutting arterial plaque. The blood pressure level can decrease up to 60 points by following this method. It also makes the blood cholesterol level fall by as much as 20%. There is no danger of blood clots and no prescription medication involved in this treatment and positive results are achieved in just 5 minutes.

You can also treat high blood pressure in 5 minutes by listening to music. This is a special type of music played by top musicians and is played through Media Positive Radio. These types of music concentrate on some special power that effectively works on high blood pressure. You can get valuable results with the aid of these methods without using any drugs, vitamins or pills. And the best part is that the positive results are achieved in just 5 minutes.