How to create a kitchen with a vintage twist

By on December 21, 2011

Within virtually no cooking style that fit perfectly within this area, which is why vintage design again makes its appearance and is shown as a great idea to change your room.

create kitchen01 How to create a kitchen with a vintage twist

Most food preparation areas for maintaining a very traditional court furniture and colors. The influence of exterior decoration rarely reaches this area but with the latest trends has turned this process. The kitchens are now in a very impressive design off and what better than to be part through vintage.

The furniture in this case are preferably in clear tones, with touches of dark in certain areas of course. The cabinets store and air are very good with the old court without losing its modern essence.

The light green and white are a great many times, but we can not forget the tone yellow as promoter of the old days. The combination with rustic done through shades of brown and beige.

If you can get retro appliances what better, however, you can easily give that touch just placing certain supplements to remember the golden ages. The tables are an excellent power to create the desired effect, especially if join room and kitchen in the same space.

The benches or chairs for this purpose should also be cut, but strong materials and visually compatible with the rest of the decor. In conclusion the vintage goes hand in hand with your imagination to get what you want.