How To Decor your lighting carefully

By on October 21, 2011

The lighting in the decoration allows us to highlight what we want to make an impact at first sight, as well as to maintain clarity mimicking daylight. The screens require special care to always look like new and perfect as they are accessories that should be kept in the best position to provide illumination without any interference.

Tips for decor your lightings carefully How To Decor your lighting carefully

According to its texture can be applied some tips to know how to care for them…

1. A paper displays will be enough for a clean simple cloth, to keep it clear of dust and it is advisable to do so if possible every day. If you have old dirt stains to remove them, apply powder on the affected area and gently rub with a brush carefully.

2. As for the shade cloth vacuum is a super tool for practice and indicated that dust tends to accumulate in the network of tissues. To thoroughly clean it is advisable to use foam dry cleaning.

In this way we can have our screens, clean and shiny, which allow for proper lighting of space we need to highlight both corners, and light in general.