How to decorate a child’s bedroom

By on October 21, 2011

Bedrooms infantile need space for children’s games, one for sleeping and a place to do their homework and drawings. The decoration of the kings of the house requires extra care, should have adequate space to develop and grow safely. Your bedroom should be a place that inspires peace and in which the child feels safe and protected. At the same time it produces a positive mood, as much to do colors with which to decorate the room.

The color in the nursery:

Much depends on the activity and excitement of the child. If hyperactive have been put soft colors and light that permeate the room of peace, as pastel blue, or green, ensuring your relaxation. If the child is too quiet can enhance your vitality warmer colors and bold as yellows, reds and oranges. In children’s rooms will not be of neutral colors and off.

If the child is young or baby the act of painting or papering the walls with children’s drawings, even the ceiling with clouds and stars, will make the space more enjoyable.

kids bedroom01 How to decorate a child’s bedroom

Choosing furniture:

It is not easy to choose furniture a nursery, since there are many needs for a child and much disorder that can generate very quickly, so you need a kind of large and small furniture drawers so you can select toys when collect, and large storage capacity, to facilitate this difficult task, sometimes the parents get to do.

Children grow very quickly, so their needs will be different in a short space of time. To solve this problem without having to rearrange the furniture as often as needed, it is best to buy furniture that can adapt.

Distribution of space:

The distribution of a nursery will depend mainly on age, physical and mental development of children. It is appropriate to introduce kids from small to play and do homework in fourth to do this you need three completely enclosed areas, the area of ​​sleep, play and study. The three very important in child development. But they have different importance depending on age, for example, a 4 year old needs a lot more room to play than to study. However when you have ten, the need is the opposite. It is desirable to maximize the space, putting a tiny desk for his age, leaving him more room to play and make changes as necessary. Taking in his room all the necessary help your child develop good habits and increase self-esteem and happiness.

kids bedroom02 How to decorate a child’s bedroom

Security in the nursery:

This is an ongoing concern among parents. The child’s room should be as safe as possible. And for that there are some rules to follow, as in the case of young children must ensure that no sharp objects or too small. Shelving and furniture that is high should be fixed at the top of the wall, so that if they get to climb for them, do not fall over. Do not place chairs or bunkers beneath his window, to keep his curiosity led him to lean to it.

When decorating a nursery we must bear in mind that it is the parents who have to clean and maintain order, so it has to facilitate the task, particularly when it comes to bedding. In that sense, opt for easy care fabrics in the washing machine and does not wrinkle, avoid difficult to remove the curtains and they are also machine washable and avoid carpets and rugs that are sources of bacteria. The soil should be slightly porous, slip and stain resistant, an imitation parquet is a good solution, be strong and hot to play on the floor.