How to design bookstores

By on May 24, 2011

Find a bookstore, almost, for every style and taste. There is a wide range of this unit depending on the style, colors, materials, sizes and shapes. The most used are the straight, symmetrical and the holes are exactly alike. But manufacturers and designers are striving to introduce real gems, either for their materials, shapes or originality, for example, without leaving the flight side shelves for placing decorative accessories such as vases and photo frames.

bookstore How to design bookstores

The libraries are no longer exclusively for books and you can find bookstores on the market with drawers, glass doors to reveal the interior, or racks made of different materials that blend perfectly. In some styles like minimalism is key for its simplicity without carvings, inlays and moldings, and its functionality and versatility.

You can also choose from a library depending on where the go to place. The libraries are ideal for low input and livings. You can also put this type of furniture in large rooms such as room dividers.

The libraries are built the best choice for difficult places, such as around a chimney or attic room. To create a relaxing spot to read, for example, put a good sofa.

Do not forget lighting, will give a touch of unique personality. Perhaps the halogen lights, dim light and pretty able to decorate itself.

You can find it in wood, plasterboard, glass; cardboard. The trend is in chrome or iron grate and combine. As for the forms, are an alternative geometric very novel and decorative. The wood is ideal for English style, where the moldings are thin, in the form of pigeon chest. The French style is known for its marquetry details, usually root. And for the more rustic style have the countryside, very straight, made of oak.
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