How To Do Barbie Doll Style Makeup

By on December 28, 2011

tumblr ltpcr406bN1qd4tt6 How To Do Barbie Doll Style Makeup

Do you want to achieve the flawless beauty like that of a porcelain doll or our childhood favorite Barbie doll? They really look very cute plus they have this pale look about them which makes them all the more attractive. You have already done a lot of experiments where makeup is concerned. Its time you try something new and different. Here is how you can do a Barbie doll style makeup at home. Follow the instructions given below and am sure you wont regret it.

Things You’ll Need

Powder foundation

Pale pink blush

A medium or dark red/pink lip color (gloss or lipstick)

White eyeliner

Shimmery/highlighting blush

Black liquid or stick eyeliner

Regular black eyeliner



Apply foundation all over your face. The idea here is to get a paler looking skin therefore you have to make sure your skin tone is slightly paler than before. To give your lips the tone of your skin apply some powder on them. Make sure they are not as pink as before. Next Take some very light pink blush and apply it just barely under the cheek bone in the shape of a circle, this will make them look a little brighter than before. The most important part of any makeup is eye makeup, be very careful here. Apply a thin of black eyeliner on your upper lash line; the closer you get to your lashes the better it will be for your doll like look. No need to stretch to the side of your eyes and neither apply eyeliner near the inside corner of your eye. Add some white eyeliner in the inside corner of your eyes followed by some slight shimmer. The white should go on the inside corner, and go underneath your eye to where the color in you eye begins when you stare straight ahead. Draw a thin line with white eyeliner at bottom lashes followed by black eyeliner. Allow the line to go all the way until it meets with the white eyeliner. Coat your eyelashes with black mascara, both lower and upper lids. Apply a light pink blush using your finger on your cheeks to add a slight bit of color. Blend it in to look natural using your ring finger. With the help of a brush, apply a medium to dark red or pink lip color, downward in a straight line in the center of your lips. Then repeat drawing a line of the left side, and then again on the right. Your lips should look like you are sucking in your mouth, or pouting. The color should only be in the middle. You can shape it into a heart if you would like.  You’re done and you are so very much doll-like.