How To Do Nail Art Using Needles

By on December 28, 2011

 How To Do Nail Art Using Needles

Do you know that you can create amazing nail art designs using needles? We all know that toothpicks are more commonly used in nail art but in order to create intricate designs, needles can be used too. To create sketches or painting profiles on your fingernails, a needle is the best tool that we can use. Today I will give a step by step detailed instruction on how you can use needles to do nail art design.

Things You’ll need:

2 or 3 nail polishes (any paint of your choice)


Base coat (to prevent nail yellowing)

Top coat (to protect the design)


In order to prevent your nails from getting yellow and losing their natural color apply a base coat on them. Base coat will also strengthen the nails. After the base coat dries, apply the nail polish to your entire nail. As you are going for nail art then just one color will not suffice, therefore use another nail color and apply thick stripes of nail polish with a regular polish brush. Make sure your polish or paint is not too thick, otherwise a needle will not work, as it slips down easily from the steel. Here you have to be real quick, before both of the polishes dry. Move the needle on your nail in the form of an “8″ and also in the form of horizontal and vertical lines. This will create an artistic design on your nails. You can make other design also. Once you have enough practice, you can create different designs all by yourself. Let the nail polish dry and then you finally apply the top coat on it to protect the design. You’re done!!! Enjoy your quick and easy home made nail art work.