How to get Anime Eyes?

By on December 28, 2011

Anime Eyes Tutorial How to get Anime Eyes?

Anime eyes are latest in fashion trends. It gives your eyes a wide cartoon like look. It looks chic and trendy. This is gradually catching up with latest fashion and make up trends. Now you can also get your share of anime eyes at home and be in sync with latest fashion trends and makeup. Here is how to:

Things you’ll need:

Black liquid eyeliner

White eyeliner

Angle brush

Dark eyeshadow

White eyeshadow

Fake eye lashes


Eye lash curler


Apply foundation on your face. From liquid eyeliner draw a thin line from the middle of your upper eyelid going outwards.  And then trace a thin line from the beginning of your eyes; draw from front to the back. Extend the line at end just a little bit to get a cat-eye look. This will give you an illusion of wider set eyes. As you want your eyes to look like a cartoon so there is no harm in being a little bit dramatic. Apply the same step to your other eye too; draw a thin line first from the middle of the upper eyelid till the end. Then trace a line from the front till the end extending it a little at the end, giving it a cat-eye look. Now rim your waterline with white eyeliner, don’t worry this is perfectly safe, just make sure your eyeliner is clean. Coloring your waterline with white eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger. If you have photographs of anime characters hanging around then you will have better idea of what exactly you want. To get a more cartoon look, take an angle brush and dab it in a dark eyeshadow, draw a thin line under your white eyeliner as this will help redefine your eyes. Here you can see your animated eyes coming into shape. Dab a bit of white eyeshadow on a cotton cute tip and apply it on your tear ducts, this will really open up your eyes. Time for fake eye lashes now. Take a pair of thick fake eye lashes and apply them on your eyes. Don’t forget to curl you fake eyelashes with eyelash curler and apply mascara on your fake eye lashes. To complete your look you have to apply a pair fake eye lashes on your lower lid too. To make your eyes look dramatically bigger, apply mascara on your lower lashes too. Apply a blush and glow your face. You are finally done with your anime eye make up, enjoy yourself.