How to Get Audrina Patridge’s Makeup

By on December 21, 2011

Audrina Patridge’s makeup contributes to her lovely appearance. So, I wanted to try to create a look that is similar to hers. I started with my usual base powder that matches my own skin tone. I made sure to put some on my eyelids in preparation for the eye makeup.

Then, I use an eye shadow brush to apply a bright shade of lavender onto my eyelids. I pair that lively color with a rich brown that I apply to the crease of my eyelids. Through experimenting, I have found that a dark color used on the crease of the eyelid creates a dramatic look similar to hers.

I go on to apply charcoal black eyeliner just above my eyelash line. I make little dashes on my lash line the first time through and, then fill the rest in to give the line a little more definition. I move up to my eyebrows with the charcoal black eyeliner pencil.

audrina patridge makeup mtv How to Get Audrina Patridge’s Makeup

Audrina’s eyebrows have a nice shape with a gentle arc to them. I try to imitate that look by sculpting my eyebrows with tweezers and then defining them with the charcoal eyeliner pencil. I always check to see that the strokes of charcoal black blend well with my natural eyebrows.

For my cheeks, I choose a shade of light pink blush with just a hint of sparkle. I apply it and use a soft facial tissue to dust off any excess. Audrina’s lip makeup never seems to be overdone so I choose a shade of pink lipstick that will complement my cheeks.

audrina patridge beauty tips How to Get Audrina Patridge’s Makeup

Sometimes if I want to look more casual, I use a lip gloss to give my lips a simple shine. Finally, I choose a midnight black shade of mascara and apply a light layer to the lashes of each eye. I wait a minute or so for them to dry and then apply a second layer.

Audrina’s eyelash makeup never looks clumpy so I’m careful to use my little eyelash comb to straighten out any lashes that clump or stick together. With that, I have completed my Audrina-inspired look!