How to Get Beautiful Full Lips

By on October 28, 2011

 How to Get Beautiful Full Lips

It looks like we have at last nailed down a way to get full beautiful lips without the cost of injections. We have put together below tricks and tips from numerous sources.

1- Begin by carefully brushing your lips with a toothbrush in a small circular movement. This tends to help get rid of any dead skin as well as get the bloodstream moving towards the area.

2- Using a little bit of a gentle exfoliant, repeat step 1 using your ring finger or a tooth brush

3- Following removing the scrubs and drying out your lips, use a thin coating of concealer on the two lips and lightly around the top and bottom ridges.

4- To make the concealer stick, use a light layer of powder.

5- Using a pencil which exactly like your natural lip shade, line your lips paying special attention to your fresh full ridges as a result of the concealer

6- Acquire a pair of colors of your preferred gloss, one light color and another one which is a bit darker. Prepare your lips with a thin applications of the darker color.

7- Utilizing your favored brush, apply the lighter color to the center more fleshier part of your lips. The lighter color will cause more light reflection and thus creating an impression of a fuller lip