How to get Half Updos?

By on December 28, 2011

Half Updo with soft curly long hair How to get Half Updos?

Just like me, are you a big fan of Kelly Clarkson too? Would you like to have a half updo for yourself just like Kelly Clarkson? Now is your chance because the half updos are one of the most simplest and easiest of hairstyles. Although it is very quick and easy to make nonetheless its best for school, casual days or you can also wear then in a formal party and steal the shows with a very suave and gorgeous look. Follow these simple steps and get your half updo in just five minutes.

Things you’ll need:


Styling mousse or hair serum

Bobby pins

Head band

Hair spray or hair gel (optional)

Stylish hair clutcher


Apply a good amount of mousse and start teasing your hair at the back with your fingers. Than take large strands of hair and start twisting them at the lower part of your head securing them with bobby pins. You can also secure it with a headband and then twist it over and secure it with bobby pins the trick here is to avoid any form of order to look prim while making your bun because it needs to look really messy and that’s what makes this look all the more fun. Next you use stylish hair clutchers to add sophistication to your half updo. If you want a more sophisticated look then you can get some boho braids on the sides. Finally you can apply some hairspray for a longer lasting stay. This hairstyle is ideal for curly hair.